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Gardens You Need To See

Do you like being in nature and do you love gardens? I grew in a small town in the Eastern Region of Ghana and it could just be the fact that I was surrounded by a farm or just a constant view of the grand Kwahu mountains but I feel at home in a space with plants and definitely creepy crawlies and worms. I loved seeing worms rise to the surface after a hot afternoon rain. My young mind was amazed to see science in action, just around my home.

We grew sweet potatoes in the rocky front yard of our home and the back garden was filled with palm trees, plantains, cocoyam, pawpaw fruits so sweet and juicy and I harvested my own tubers and leafy greens when I was hungry to make my own lunches. I am always grateful for such an enriching childhood experience. It absolutely reflects in my choices of where to live and what I will make room for in my home design and landscape choices, from my hometown in the Kwahu region, to my apartments and homes in London and currently in my Accra home. It gives me absolute delight to know my dog has room to stretch his legs and actual dirt to poop on.

This nurturing part of my childhood has led me to visit a few gardens in my life wherever I go in the world. From a garden in Rome, where we were visited briefly in our hop on hop off bus tours. I have been to the incredible Kew Gardens in England to watch orchids in season and see arts in gardening space. We swung by Edinburgh gardens when we visited Dublin for my husband’s birthday. I will talk more about our Guinness Connoisseur experience here. Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss that. We got certificates from Guinness! I have visited the Incredible Aburi Gardens in Aburi which is just outside the Greater Accra region and the Legon Botanical Gardens which is nestled next to the university of Ghana.

Should You Get a Hop On Hop Bus Ticket?

 I highly recommend those if you are unsure of what to do in a new city, they provide a good overview of the city and allows you to note places you would like to come back to after the tour is over. They are usually affordable and last a couple of hours. They also have tour guides who can answer questions and provide amazing suggestions to enjoy your stay

Being in nature is a calming experience and can help improve your mental health. It is also a great place to exercise and have a picnic on a cool and sunny day, just nibbling on sandwiches and great drinks. That is softlife and definitely luxury self care for me.

I have spotted beautiful animals and rare plants in a space curated for my enjoyment and education. It help inspire you to also practise and preserve plant nature in your own homes and offices. Aside from plants, whose primary duty is to till our soils with their roots, recycling carbon dioxide and providing us with oxygen, they are a great source of emergency balms (like aloe vera gel) , juices and foods that sustain human life.

I may make it my life mission to visit a garden in every city I visit. Hope you stay to join me on this adventure. Have you been to any gardens lately, and which ones were your favourite?

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Vesta Adofo

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