How To Sext 101

Spicy Text Etiquette to Get You So Close To Flying Over The Edge of Desire

My girls made me sign up to Tinder and even though some of these conversations deserve to be ghosted, I had an interesting exchange that renewed my creative spicy vibes.

It is the delicate art of sexting.

Sexting is basically a string of words and media that help put you in a mood that can inspire you to catch a flight to follow through to a very happy exhilarating ending for both parties.

In the past and possibly never again in the future, phrases like what are you wearing will be swept up in the flurry of other choice words that have them typing your name in Italics on an Android phone

Thirsty af.

In my case, the flow stemmed from our love for gym life. Even though I was home, I missed being on a bench, doing a full body squat with squats and definitely threw in a bit of role play that gym buddies will totally get and get,  you get it

So here are a few scenarios for sexting you can apply to your Valentine’s day prep, that will have the chocolate melt just so you can lick it.

Role Play

This works if you are both fanatics of a particular show, movie or field of work. There are several scenarios and in my gym boo case, well, he was the gym trainer and I was the newbie who needed help and if I remember clearly he got hurt and I had to sweetly massage where I dropped the dumbbell. Whew…I remembering it all over again

There’s a boo who shares an affinity for a popular teenage show and whenever he calls me by the name of ‘my character’ in the show, it is go time. It is a lovely trigger.

Tools of The Trade.

Think Grey’s Anatomy or even as a baker with a rolling pin.

Just pop over to TikTok to see how these man chefs are cooking these meals, yo!


People’s happiness is so simple. It’s hot. Eat some fruit. Hello, everyone. I’m your sexy sweet chef#life#deliciousfood#food#Sexyman

♬ original sound – zbuo19

Why is he shirtless and what is his finger doing in the melted butter? Can someone answer why he always spits? It is unsanitary, right? 


The descriptions of scenarios, the pour of fluids to the way the repetition motion of another can easily have your synapses firing to keep you blushing. Try not to do this in a meeting, you naughty chica


I have a playlist dedicated to my most active week of my month and if you have had a previous dance or two to a particular song, being asked to put in on miles away is a great way to be vibed into getting to the rendezvous point asap to quench the fires, you started by revisiting that very mood.

In my next blog post, I will share my Ovulating playlist and I plead that you help me update it with a few of your own in the comments.

In other scenarios, you can just send nudes which is typical but you can keep it tasty by changing the angles and interesting emojis that suggest the mood you are in. 

Hello 🍆

Hello 🍑

Please be advised that any personal photos sent out can and may be used by your partner in the future if things go sour, even though the law may have your back, your reputation may not be in tact so keep identifying features especially your face or specific marks out of the shot.

Did I miss anything? Please let me now….below

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