Modern Ghanaian Fashion Brands


Do you know any modern ghanaian fashion brands? Have you got any pieces in your closet? Do you always shop for new releases or attend fashion shows?

Over the years, I have purchased and followed these brands on social media and been to their show rooms and had them shipped to me in London and other parts of England, just so I can have a piece of home with me.Now that I am home, I keenly follow and haven’t lost the passion for enjoying their creative process and pieces that get sold out, time after time

Talensi (Previously Diva Delicious)

I have owned 3 pieces of Diva Delicious Now Talensi Gh and they have always been pieces of art.

Poqua Poqu

Poqua Poqu will and has always been a fave. I remember walking by their store and seeing an ensemble on a mannequin and ordering it immediately in my size. I was due to fly out and they ensured I got my pieces in time, during a storm. Talk about taking the extra mile

Melanie Crane

I saw Lydia Forson on the cover of a magazine in this skirt and I had to have it. I got it fitted and trimmed on a trip to Ghana at their flagship store on the N1, Dzorwulu area. I absolutely love it and the turnaround for tailoring the skirt to my liking was at no cost and immediately.

Christie Brown

Christie Brown is the most cutting edge brand on the market at the moment and she always knows how to dress the modern feminine Ghanaian woman. The clothes are always collectible pieces and she isn’t hesitant about infusing african fabric like Kente and custom fabrics to make it chic and still african

By SugarKane

This is currently my obsession and I am looking to update my wardrobe with a few and many pieces. My friend Jayjay put me on a let’s say we had commentary about several pieces and where and why we will be showing off in these clothes. They look exquisite

Vesta Adofo
Vesta Adofo

When creative blockages emerge, however—due to stress, self-doubt or simply becoming stagnant in our own routines—inspiration can seem increasingly elusive.

black woman in a print green bodycon dress with brown and yellow leaves

Welcome back home

Have you ever move from home? Have you ever moved countries? Or have you even moved continents? Are you moving to Ghana?

What do you think?