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Vision Board: 101

Do you want to know how to create the best vision board? Want to manifest a great year and are willing to try? I have been doing vision boarding since 2011, when my husband and I created one by sticking a white A3 sheet to the pillar in our studio flat in Herne Hill to achieve within a year. On the day we moved, we took a look and realised we had accomplished 90% of the goals and we were shocked that it actually worked.

A vision board is a to-do list for your subconscious mind. Because the goals are usually big and should be scary, it requires you to sit and actually determine what you wish and hope to accomplish them all by the end of a 52 weeks.

Having a big goal like losing 10kg at the beginning of January means that you will create a plan to accomplish that over a twelve month period which then makes it highly attainable. This is because when broken down it is easier and can be broken down into a monthly goal of losing 1kg and which will trickle down to living a calorie-deficit lifestyle. This can be coupled with highly intensive workouts or simple movements at home to keep your heartrate up and also allowing your muscles to use reserves of energy as you top up everyday as you eat and potentially burn fat reserves which can be known as ketogenesis. More on a keto diet from a dietitian here (Insert video from Youtube).

Based on how you consume information, you can have a simple minimalist  vision board in the form of a list. There are those who need the tactile and creative immersion of cutting out magazine pages and printing other sources to create a collage that they will post somewhere highly visible in their home. There are those who will create an audio which could be deemed not as a vision board but affirmations can help with visualisation which is a mental vision board

Vesta Adofo
Vesta Adofo

When creative blockages emerge, however—due to stress, self-doubt or simply becoming stagnant in our own routines—inspiration can seem increasingly elusive.


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