Work with me

Admin & Backend Services

  1. Email & Calendar Management
  • Responding to routine emails
  • Filtering out spam and irrelevant emails
  • Reaching out to brands and collaborators on your behalf
  1. Weekly Meeting
  • Calendar management
  • Workflow for client updates
  • Reminders of upcoming events
  1. Filing and Data Management
  • Organizing digital documents in cloud storage
  1. Travel Arrangements
  • Booking flights
  • Arranging accommodations and transportation
  1. Research
  • Gathering information for projects
  • Analyzing trends and competitors
  1. Coordination
  • Coordinating with freelancers and other teams on your behalf
  1. Client Communication
  • Drafting proposals
  • Creating newsletters and campaigns
  1. Technical Support
  • Resolving technical and software issues
  • Managing installations and updates

Social Media Management Services

  1. Optimizing Social Media Profiles:
  • Updating profile photos
  • Setting up highlights for visibility
  1. Content Management:
  • Scheduling and optimizing content across platforms
  • Creating and curating text, images, videos, and graphics
  • Content calendars for advanced planning
  1. Quality Assurance:
  • Ensuring content meets industry and platform standards
  • Adapting to current social media trends
  1. SEO Optimization:
  • Enhancing your social media for search engines
  1. Ad Campaigns:
  • Implementing client-approved ad campaigns for more followers and brand awareness
  • Custom campaigns available (see our custom section)
  1. Analytics and Reporting:
  • In-depth analysis of social media performance
  1. Engagement and Community Management:
  • Responding to comments, mentions, and messages
  • Addressing follower questions and providing conversion links
  1. Online Group Management:
  • Moderation and administration of online groups

*Combining 2 offers on the same tier leads to a 15% discount…please contact me for a discount code

Custom Offers

Social Media Audit (£249):

  • Thorough evaluation of your current social media presence
  1. Campaign & Strategy Consultation & Execution
  2. Websites
  3. Branding
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Brand guide
  • Primary and secondary logos
  • Color palettes
  • Sample branding ideas

These offers are priced at £39 an hour with hours tracked by Toggl, a time tracking software.

Services are offered in a 5 , 10 & 20 hours a week package.

A minimum of 12 weeks for first time clients is advised to establish a good foundation for great results

Regular updates are provided to the client based on their workload and business goals in a scheduled weekly meeting. These hourly meetings are billed as part of your packages.

Please use the contact me page to request further information regarding this virtual assistant service for your beauty industry business and we can schedule a first complimentary 30 minute call.

Custom project offers are also available upon request after an initial assessment.

Let’s do the mundane work so you can revive your passion for creativity in your business