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A business support agency for beauty brands and influencers who are burnt out from administrative work and other mundane tasks they would rather not do.

My name is Vesta, I am an award nominated blogger (see below) for over a decade and an administrative manager for over 15 years  that got to meet the Prime Minister on behalf of the hospital I worked in.(see right)

I am a creative who loves admin and my goal is to remove the crush of  dysfunctional websites and affiliate links, editing and the dreaded pitch trail between yourself and a brand so you do not keep leaving money on the table.

And for those who dream of an editorial calendar and strategic campaigns that will actually engage your audience and keep your content top of mind, see the brand strategy & campaign planning offer.

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Dr Kyriakos Illiadis
Dr Kyriakos IlliadisConsultant Paediatric Radiologist
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Excellent work at Great Ormond Street Hospital, high work ethics, very friendly and same time very professional. I have not met many individuals like yourself after 12 years I have known you
Jane Akua Ankrah
Jane Akua AnkrahOwner- A Perfect Gift Surrogacy
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When I met Vesta, she told me she was more on the advertising and marketing side of things, where she would help with ads for launching a business. I however needed help with content for my new business’s website . Her content captured everything my heart felt, along with the mission and vision of the business
Professor Nicholas Ossei-Gerning
Professor Nicholas Ossei-GerningProfessor & Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Pudendologist
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I can very highly recommend Vesta’s work. Top worker, honest, extremely capable, affable and her work gets done with alacrity. No messing, work gets done and done properly
Dr Theodora Pepera
Dr Theodora PeperaConsultant Gynaecologist & Colposcopy Trainer
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.Vesta was a real pleasure to work with. Her calm, efficient, reassuring manner made for the smooth running of clinics and as a busy consulting specialist, this was extremely important for me. She seems to be able to turn her hand to almost anything.
Simi Thankaraj
Simi ThankarajBusiness Manager
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Vesta is a pleasure to work with! She is reliable and diligent with a great sense of humor. Her customer service skills have reflected the world-class reputation of our facility
Natalie N Clue
Natalie N ClueCommunity Manager/Associate Social Strategist II, UCL BME Alumni Network
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Vesta wrote several pre and post event blog for my Keziah Connections evenings as well as lending the occasional helping hand. She is conscientious and attentive and was an asset to the organisation
Yasmine Soobhany
Yasmine SoobhanyData Quality Support Manager
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Vesta is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a very friendly approachable person and is always very willing to help
Katherine Nairn
Katherine NairnContent Creator
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Great sessions with Vesta, I was struggling with the focal point of what ties my niche together and Vesta explained how I can tie all my elements together and create a cohesive brand. WE also covered other elements like how to utilise Facebook to create engagement amongst other social media platforms to drive traffic and how to promote/improve my content more
Alma Awoenam Tawia
Alma Awoenam TawiaOwner: Prestige Kente
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I had free social media tips from Vesta when I had just gone full steam with my kente passion project a year ago. At the time, I had barely 300 followers and a year later, I had 3000 followers. Thanks to Vesta!

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