Back end & Admin

Being behind the scenes and ensuring everything is done so everyone else can do their job is my superpower.

I absolutely love admin. Give me an inbox and watch me whizz through emails that find me well or sipping on my almond & honey matcha at 10am or bidding the kindest regards, sincerely at 4pm.

I’ve been an administrator for the past 15 years and it’s definitely been a fulfilling career. Merging that with my creative brain and ensuring you don’t miss those emails from that brand deal, organizing your shoot with a moodboard with calendar management and ensuring you are on top of your deliverables is something I’m looking forward to.

You are literally leaving money on the table by trying to do it all by yourself when with a little help, there will be less stress, more dosh and a satisfaction knowing that choosing to be a creative does pay. With a little or a lot of help! You are a mini empire, signing deals, influencing your audience and bringing them information and tips that are actually making their lives better.

Vesta Adofo
Vesta Adofo

When creative blockages emerge, however—due to stress, self-doubt or simply becoming stagnant in our own routines—inspiration can seem increasingly elusive.


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