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Have you ever move from home? Have you ever moved countries? Or have you even moved continents? Are you moving to Ghana?

Mango & Wheat East Legon

For someone who is a planner and thinks everything through, I was honestly lost on how to move to Ghana. I grew up in Ghana and went through my education all the way to graduating from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I had not successfully made it into the doctor-in-making class and hoped pursuing a degree in Biology would give me an edge to pursue it later but honestly, I have had to plan my own career path and goals so the directions had not been clear until now.

I lived in the United Kingdom for almost a decade and can walk you through Oxford Circus to UCL all the way down to Angel even to Hackney on a good day but Accra was a beast of city I was not ready for. I had lived or vacationed in Accra for less than a year as a student but to live here was a bit terrifying.

Having a bite to eat in Mango & Wheat East Legon

Ghana roads can be a voluntary death trap due to horrible driving practices and the natives had always made me feel like a fish out of water due to my rural upbringing. I was never bad ass enough to hack it but almost 5 years in and I can tell you; it is not so bad. I know give my ride share drivers the best tips for short cuts in and around the city. I have explored it at length, either to escape it’s infamous traffic and land in more traffic, on my way to work and possibly ill timed and sweated out and cried in my polyester uniform. I most likely called Nana and blamed him for my discomfort, and for dragging us all the way out here to this city.

Accra is however lit, if you know how to navigate it and with its borders blurring into nearby regions such as Kasoa which is in the Central Region, Ayi Mensah and its evirons which are definitely Eastern Region towns as well as Amasaman and it’s neighbours.

I kind of love being here now and after finding my feet and my career path; i am here trying to find my creative voice. This space was Chocolate n Curves in a not so distant past and that’s who I was in the United Kingdom, Chocolate and Curves amidst a multi-cultural hotpot of London and sometimes Hertfordshire. I needed that identity to navigate my time there and actually made a lot of friends through my blog but for now…

Dearest Vesta, welcome back. It is fine that your voice may be new and different because you have changed in many ways and talking to yourself on your blog in the third person and you know what, as Aunt Tabitha Brown says, that’s my business.

Subscribe, follow and save because it is going to be a great time on this slice of the internet. I will show you Accra, it’s hidden gems and around Ghana for the reasons why I may never move back to the UK

Vesta Adofo
Vesta Adofo

When creative blockages emerge, however—due to stress, self-doubt or simply becoming stagnant in our own routines—inspiration can seem increasingly elusive.


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